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Spectrum of Science is here to encourage, challenge & excite your child!! Spectrum of Science will introduce young learners to science using fun, interactive hands on lessons designed to ignite their imagination and open up the world of science to them! Each day children conduct a variety of hands-on experiments and make and take home a science project based around a specific scientific concept. Explore through songs, literature & experiments! DISCOVER & TAKE HOME!! Questions:  call 925-820-2415. Class size limited!!




I AM READY FOR SCIENCE! !: Science is all around us! Are you full of wonder and curiosity? Get your hands in there, explore & make lots of stuff! If trains are your passion, you will love wheels & whistles! Dig deep into dinosaurs!  Check out shimmer & shine! Join in for a fun science time!

MY FIRST SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS!!  Seeds or weeds? Plant flowers for bright colors! Watch ink run!  Make a work of art with ooey & gooey! Science & art go hand in hand! There is a lot to try & do in these five weeks of fun!

SPACE: LOOK TO THE SKY!! The greatest adventure is what lies ahead! Star light star bright – how do you twinkle? Can you grow seeds that have traveled with NASA in zero gravity of space! Prepare an astronaut for the journey to the final frontier!  Create a paper model rocket! Jump with giant Jupiter & its moons!  Space is the final frontier – let’s explore!

IT'S AN ANIMAL WORLD!!  Become a wildlife biologist! Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! Tall necks & springing legs! Floppy ears & trumpet sounds! Uncover secrets of the animal world! Join in!

LOVE THAT OCEAN!!  Something fishy is going on! Sort out the sea while learning about whales & giant tales! Explore sea slugs, sea spiders & sea squirts! Find treasures in the tide while sorting a variety of shells! Travel with the sea turtles & see how to save them! Probe the underwater world of the pot bellied seahorses! Float with an otter!  The oceans are a vast world waiting to be explored!

WINGS AND FLYING THINGS!!   Calling all who wish they could fly! Let’s find out “Why can’t I”! Birds & bats & butterflies are in this zone! Build a model airplane & more! Science never ends! This is must do science!


Call AmyBeth@ 925-820-2415 to bring this exciting hands on science lab to your preschool students!!